International Healing Network

Many people contact us for Spiritual Healing for health or marital problems, and/or Life Guidance. Many of these people become aware that there are also other people with similar or more serious problems, and we link them together in a world wide network of Love and Light.

When we consider the immensity of the problems facing our world today, we can see there is only one solution to all of them. It’s not a new solution, but we need to be reminded of it from time to time- that solution is LOVE! It is the only real remedy for wars, racial and religious strife, family breakdown, economic injustice and even ecological disasters.

The problems we encounter in our personal life are also a message that we need to make some changes. By making such changes physical health can also be improved. When occasionally such persons die, we are often told by their relatives, that the advice, help and guidance, gained through healing (regardless of the medical treatment received – which is never discouraged) had been of immense benefit. Sometimes, we have been asked to pray for assistance and the Healing Force has subsequently enabled that person to die peacefully in their sleep. There has not always been a sad ending to these stories and many have experienced miraculous cures, and/or assistance with personal problems. There has never been a single case when someone did not benefit in some way or another, enabling that person to be one stage further ahead on the path of personal/spiritual development.

By joining this worldwide network of Love and Light you will help yourself and others. Begin this process by contacting us (click here) and we will tell you how to enlist the help of both visible and invisible helpers. It’s important we know your name and what part of the world you live in (details are kept confidential) so that we can realise whom we are linking with.

We wait to hear from you!


Universalist meetings are held for people of all Faiths and none.

Here is one being held in a Kabbalistic (mystic) Jewish centre in Freemantle, Australia.