Some Facts About The Sufi

Prehistoric in origin, their symbols and rites are to be found in ancient esoteric systems, archaeological sites, and contemporary tribal peoples.

Though not a religion, many religions have been based upon their teachings, with some Sufi being classified as saints. They have no central organising body, or earthly controlling hierarchy, but recognise each other despite existing in forty distinct Orders.

Sufi’s may have different, even opposing beliefs and external practices, yet be united in aims and purposes. Although not a political system they have often been involved in overturning, supporting, or establishing, new forms of government.

Some famous Sufi (in alphabetical order):

Akhenaten, Francis Bacon, Dante, St. Francis of Assisi, Erich Fromm, Goethe, Hermes the Egyptian, Imhotep, John the Baptist, Kabir, Melchizedek, Miriam the sister of Moses, Muhammad the Prophet, Nostradamus, Paracelsus, Jalal’udin Rumi, Sai Baba of Shirdir, Shakespeare, Socrates, Zarathustra.

This ancient Universal Mystical Tradition is to be found in all religions, and has had a variety of Teachers. Those who belong to this tradition seek for the Teacher of the Age who reappears as an embodiment of this Universal Mystical Tradition. He, or She, does so as and when necessary (Baba in central Asia; Babaji in India; Safa in Persia; Tzaddik in Eastern Europe; Khidr in the Middle East, etc).

Dr. David J. Heinemann B.S.S. (Middx), D.Psy. (Hon.U.Sth.Pac), M.Sc.(L.S.E.), M.Phil., M.Phil., M.Phil.(Wales), Dip.A.P(Lond), F.F.Phys., F.I.A.T., F.R.A.I., F.C.A.M.S., who spent most of his working life as a Medical Psychologist, was a pioneer in the creation of a new medical field Psychoneuroimmunology, set up alternative medical centres and instigated new approaches to cancer, and was the first person to be listed by the BMA as a Psychologist of Cancer. He encountered the previous Master in the Sufi tradition whilst travelling in Israel/Palestine in 1976.  Given a mandate to continue this work he voices the teachings of this ancient Universal Mystical Tradition, and is thus able to both speak from a specific religious tradition yet also to transcend them: “Love transcends all religions – its expression is Peace and its realisation Joy – this is my creed!”

Initiating projects concerned with Ecology & Medicine, World Peace, Conservation and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; he has guided, administered healing and encouraged, the mentally and physically disabled, prison convicts, show-business celebrities, scientists and scholars, world leaders, and even royalty.

In 1981, he founded the Fraternity of the Universal Way to propagate the Three Principles, later forming the Society of Universalist Fellowships which internationally continues this work, and using Rainbow International Trust to publish and promote the Three Principles in a practical way around the world.