Believing we live in One World is obvious, but living as if we do is not!

Most of our personal and planetary problems arise from our failure to realise we live in One World and our refusal to acknowledge this by the way we live. Defeating poverty, war, disease, and achieving a sustainable environmental balance, marital and social harmony, can all be realised if we practice One World Living.

This can happen by implementing 3 simple Universal Principles. Failure to recognise and implement these principles arises because those in Power prevent it – as they have always done. These Principles lie at the heart of every religion and are the inspiration behind every social reform:

One Human Family – Treating all persons with respect and dignity.

Religion’s Common Basis – Recognising a universal spiritual capacity and respecting its varied cultural expressions.

The Unity and Sanctity of Life – Sustaining the interdependence of all life forms, and not killing for pleasure, social convenience, commerce, or nationalism.

‘Rainbow International Trust’ implements the above three universal principles through the ‘Fraternity of the Universal Way’ whose leader is Babaji Dovid Yusuf.

A Jewish family and a Muslim family working together to establish an Interfaith Peace Garden.

“When the Earth Mother is sick and our brother and sister creatures are dying, the Rainbow Serpent will come to reconnect the Earth Mother with the Sky Father, that the World may live!”

Australian Aborigine prophecy.